La La Bamba!

Bella Bamba is an all-in-one brightening blush with highlighting undertones that will leave your cheekbones looking 3-Dimensional! 

This box o' powder comes in a cool looking package, 
mirror inside and a snazzy lil' blush brush!

Powder: Watermelon pink blush with scintillating gold 
undertones for the 3D Effect!

I recommend it to EVERYONE! So go out and get it!

 You can find it at Benefitcosmetics.comSephora.com, and all major department stores!


Best Hydration for your Skin

A few months ago I took a trip to Vegas and because of the change in humidity my skin turned from smooth and silky to dry and flaky! Definitely not a good look! I stopped by the Clinique store at the Miracle Mile in Vegas  and the representative recommended this product.
I applied it before my makeup and after to touch up the dry areas. I didn't think it was going to be as effective as it was; so if you're looking for a product that will hydrate your skin for 24 hours..look no further!
 I recommend this to everyone! It ranges from $34-46.50 depending on the size you want. You can find it at major department stores, sephora and clinique.com!


Cure for Dry, Cracked Lips

This cold windy weather is killing my lips! For dry, flaky, cracked lips Laura Geller's Lip Strip is number 1 on my list! Not only is it simple and easy to use, it tastes good too! It has sugar to exfoliate, peppermint and lubricating butters. It leaves your lips silky smooth! 

I recommend it to anyone that can't crack a smile because it hurts!

 You can find it at Sephora or at http://www.laurageller.com/lip-treatments/lip-strip  Hope this helps!


You're so MONEY!

Messin' around with the Urban Decay NYC Palette.

I used Money, Last Call and Rockstar.

Are you Money?!


Hello Kitty: Too Dolly Palette

Another oldie but goodie! I recently used the Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette on one of my friends this past week and managed to use all 4 colors in a brilliantly chic way. 
For the base, on the inner crease I used Yogurt eyeshadow, Romping e/s was used on the outer part of the base. For the deep crease, I used Stately Black and for the outer crease I went over the black with Too Dolly and blended. I finished with Vanilla e/s brow highlight and added Stately Black to the upper and bottom lash line.



I know the MAC Venomous Villains Collection has been out for some time, but since I recently put on my favorite nail polish and received several compliments...i figured what the heck i'll blog somethin' short and sweet!
 This isn't the best picture of the lacquer but the Shimmer it reflects in light is AMAZING! Its between a coral / burgundy / gold with a shade of green that compliments it to make it MEAN & GREEN on anyones nails! This was one of the many nail lacquers that sold out when the collection came out. I regret not getting the other two Bad Fairy and Formidable! because the finish is flawless! Amazon and eBay are selling these items for around $20-$50, I suggest shopping around different sites for the lowest prices or making bids on eBay. If you see any Mean & Greens for sell let me know, i'll definitely purchase it again for a reasonable price! 


Who I Am

I am a makeup artist always looking for new ideas and newly released makeup from all brands. I enjoy watching youtube makeup gurus to know the lastest styles and trends. I like going through magazines and ripping out pictures of makeup to duplicate...its always fun! Nerd, I know. I intend to use this blog for techniques, ideas, criticism...pretty much anything and everything on makeup. Oh and about the name, I consider myself a Monster because when it comes to makeup my eyes bulge out of their sockets, I start to sweat and it gets hard for me to contain myself...lol just kidding...that sounds scary! Stay tuned for weird blogging, random moments and Makeup Monster pics! ;)