Belle of the Ball March 26, 2011

I was all but confident in high school.  I never wore makeup nor did I care for it. But to have a mentor or have someone show you basics on how to be confident in yourself...well..that's what its all about! The Belle of the Ball was an event for teens not having that confidence like I did or able to afford to go to Prom.

Being treated like a princess is every girls dream and the Belle of the Ball was dedicated to put a smile on every girls face. Prom dresses, shoes and even jewelry was donated to ensure each girl got what they were looking for. Thanks to my friend Esther (Follow her on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube!) from Classic Glamour Dolls, I was one of the 75 makeup artists that volunteered their time to help these girls with basic techniques on how to apply makeup, facial cleansing and hairstyling tips to help boost up their confidence. I'm glad to have been part of it this year and will continue to participate in this glamorous event for years to come!

Below are a few of the pics I took with the girls, prepping them up for their Ball! :)

Lovin all the smiles!!


  1. Awwww that's so cool! We have something like that too here where I live but I'm not sure if they do the make over thing..I should ask cuz I would love to do something like this =) Great pics the girls look great!

  2. all the girls look great!! So cool!... I'm doing a volunteer thing tomorrow morning, and I don't know why but I'm nervous! :-/

  3. Thanks for the awesome comments;)

    Ev you'll do fine...where's it at? :)

  4. its @ CSU Dominguez Hills ... Its called LA Prom Closet: Dress to Remember ... I gotta wake up at the crack of dawn to be there by 7!