RiRi Woo vs Ruby Woo

RiRi Woo is a matte cool red lipstick with retro matte finish launched by MAC Cosmetics for musical recording artist Rihanna. RiRi Woo was influenced by the 
ever-so-popular Ruby Woo which happens to 
be Rihanna's favorite lipstick. 

Ruby Woo is a very matte vivid blue-red lipstick, the finish is similar but the retro matte is drier 
and texture is slightly different.

 Matte lipsticks don't have the same smooth, silky, creamy texture like in most of the lipsticks we normally buy. I found it is best when applied 
with a lip brush (MAC 318).

When applied to the lips you can 
barley notice the difference.

RiRi Woo
Ruby Woo

 RiRi Woo (left) Ruby Woo (right)
 RiRi Woo (top) Ruby Woo (bottom)
  When swatched side-by-side you can see one is a little darker than the other and the 
undertone is slightly different. 
If you didn't get a chance to grab RiRi Woo, don't beat yourself up about it. 
Ruby Woo is just as good if not better and its still my fav! 

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  1. I bought ruby woo and riri woo like a lame ass ... thanks for duplicate lipsticks MAC!! LOL