La La Bamba!

Bella Bamba is an all-in-one brightening blush with highlighting undertones that will leave your cheekbones looking 3-Dimensional! 

This box o' powder comes in a cool looking package, 
mirror inside and a snazzy lil' blush brush!

Powder: Watermelon pink blush with scintillating gold 
undertones for the 3D Effect!

I recommend it to EVERYONE! So go out and get it!

 You can find it at Benefitcosmetics.comSephora.com, and all major department stores!


  1. Post your blogs on twitter ... and say 'hey i have a blog!' .... people will follow :-) ... i want to get this blush by the way, i heard it smells like watermelon!!

  2. Sweet! thanks Ev and I will follow you! ;) yes the blush is awesome and I didn't realize it smelled like watermelon ...im gonna go home and sniff it! Haha