I know the MAC Venomous Villains Collection has been out for some time, but since I recently put on my favorite nail polish and received several compliments...i figured what the heck i'll blog somethin' short and sweet!
 This isn't the best picture of the lacquer but the Shimmer it reflects in light is AMAZING! Its between a coral / burgundy / gold with a shade of green that compliments it to make it MEAN & GREEN on anyones nails! This was one of the many nail lacquers that sold out when the collection came out. I regret not getting the other two Bad Fairy and Formidable! because the finish is flawless! Amazon and eBay are selling these items for around $20-$50, I suggest shopping around different sites for the lowest prices or making bids on eBay. If you see any Mean & Greens for sell let me know, i'll definitely purchase it again for a reasonable price! 

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